Our Story

Establish in 2017, PABCK is a trader specialized in the researcher, development, and production of all kinds of packing supplies, we aim to meet the needs of customers while protecting long-term storage of products, come up to offer BEST PACK products for you.

Pack is used in every aspect of life. On the one hand, packaging protects products through storage and storage, which brings more convenience to people's life. On the other hand, packaging can be used as decoration to improve people's material life. Product packaging has a great impact on consumer behavior and increases commodity value.

Started own as a consumer experience: One New Year's eve two years ago, in order to celebrate the coming of the New Year, we had bought all kinds of candy, nuts, chocolate, biscuits. At this time we consider that we had to sort them out and seal them up afterwards, so that the food can still be fresh and clean on the New Year's day to show and eat. Then we went to look for it at the supermarkets, and found that there was little selectivity, and it was difficult to combine the function of storage and attractive design.

We recognized this demand, and for a long time, we considered the use of packaging through the combination of different colors, the bearing capacity of various materials and the design, and then classified and positioned our products. Finally, in 2017, we started to register our brand- “PABCK” that has been registered in United States. We are a small group of intelligent people who started our company from many years of relevant experience.

"PABCK" is from the word "pack" and add a "B", means we will offer BEST pack products for customers.

Our goal is to provide best pack products that will make your goods visually attractive. Material aspects, including aluminum mylar foil, (PET/ PVC / PPE / EVA / APET / CPP) plastic, kraft paper (bags, boxes, labels, stickers), hemp rope; Design aspects, including ziplock, stand up, vacuum open top, with window, with tear notches; In terms of use, perfect for various food (coffee, nuts, candy, pastry, cookie and more), jewellery, electronic product( packaging bags for phone case, electronic components and more accessory), cosmetic make up, bath salt, clothes organizer and more long term storage. It is worth mentioning that these pack usually come in a variety of colors and sizes, you can choose from many choices, thanks.